Fleur Elise Noble


ROOMAN is a very real story about falling in love with a fantasy. It is a heart-warming, heart-breaking, visual-musical extravaganza!

ROOMAN is a new visual-performance by Fleur Elise Noble, a rich tapestry of puppetry, projection, drawing, dance and sound installation. Like a low-tech hologram, or a high-fi paper pop-up book, ROOMAN takes the audience on a journey inside worlds of animated universes as they unfold upon a giant 3-dimensional paper set.

ROOMAN is a story of romance, fantasy and the pursuit of happiness. A story that we can all, in some way, relate to. A girl meets a kangaroo man in her dreams and falls in love. Obsessed by his reality, and the idea of becoming a part of it, she takes desperate measures to spend more time with him. Her obsession leads her into the darkest depths of the human psyche. ROOMAN is about following your dreams, and seeing what kind of a journey that can take you on. But more importantly, it’s about waking up and living. For more info go to https://www.insitearts.com.au/projects/rooman

Short promo for '2 Dimensional Life of Her' a visual theatre performance by Fleur Elise Noble. 2 Dimensional Life of Her tells the story of an artist whose reality is infringed upon by an imaginary world that manages to escape from the confines of its two-dimensional existence. A richly imagined parallel world is awoken where drawings reproduce themselves, drift between surfaces and move in and out of three dimensions. Film, animation and puppetry occupy the stage as the audience enter a space charged with possibility, becoming part of a real-time artwork which breathes with life. for more info go to https://www.insitearts.com.au/projects/2-dimensional-life-of-her

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