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The Pocket Sanctuary - Arts, Health and Food Farm

Added Jun 20, 2019


The Pocket Sanctuary: Arts, Health and Food Farm is a magical wonderland tucked away in Forest Range, a beautiful pocket of the Adelaide Hills (in South Australia). It is a place for creativity and rejuvenation. When we first visited this 27 acre property, we fell in love. With the luscious valley of tree ferns and weeping willows. The abundant orchard and veggie garden (bright green in the middle of summer). The majestic spring fed lake surrounded by native bush and adorned in lotus flowers. And the mountain of yellow leaves and spectacular views. So many pockets of splendour! It's a place for dreaming, and for creation. We will be holding many events, workshops, artists residencies and gatherings over the coming years. We look forward to sharing this space with you ❤️

Who are The People in The Pocket? Incase you were wondering... We are a family of Professional 2 year olds. Daniel Fels climbs trees for a living (he's an arborist). He is also a geologist, but he's more of a monkey than a miner. He loves his work and also loves to dance. Daniel met Fleur on a dance floor. Fleur Elise Noble is a drawer, painter, sculptor, puppet-maker, performer, animator and maker of visual theatre performances. She also facilitates creative workshops for young people. The third person in The Pocket, is Mahlia- Fleur and Daniel's most treasured creation. She too loves dancing, climbing trees and painting pictures.

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