Fleur Elise Noble

PLEASE NOTE: Interactive drawing installation Commissioned by the 2009 Brisbane Festival

Over the course of 4 days, an empty shop on Boundary St (West End, Brisbane) became full of 3-Dimensional drawings, based on and directed by those who passed by. A small note pad hung in the window in which people could leave suggestions and comments in regards to the direction and content of the installation. A camera was set up, taking photos of everyone who stopped to look at and interact with the work. Many of these people were drawn (life size) and became characters inside the window.

LARGE PRINTS IN CORPORATE SPACES Artwork installed in the Australian Central Credit Union offices across Australia.

Drew Joyce from Working Images stumbled across Fleur's first solo exhibition in 2003. He took a small pen drawing home with him and stuck it on his wall. Over the years he has involved Fleur's artworks in a number of different projects, including the design of the Australian Central Credit Union Offices Across Australia. Fleur's work was printed on very large scale  was installed in all of their major offices.

PEN DRAWINGS In clusters

Fleur has drawn thousands of faces. These pen drawings have been installed in gallery's and as photocopies in the streets around the world. The works presented in the streets looked a lot like this- the passer by would stop to have a look, and after careful consideration they would often unstick one from the wall and take it away with them. 
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